The NB Minimus Approach to Trails

Post contributed by Anna Boom: continuing the discussion on minimalist shoes……

My new favorite running shoe: New Balance Minimus Trail or the WT10


In a previous blog entry, I wrote about the minimalist shoes movement, and introduced you to the Nike Free. New Balance has now jumped into this market with a great new shoe, the Minimus Trail. I have followed this shoe release and waited to see the reviews before buying. That is my style in all purchases, big or small, wait to see what everyone thinks. If you are like me, and have been waiting to see how this shoe performs, don’t wait any longer! This shoe is almost perfection for me, a lover of minimalist running shoe on trail and on road.

I bought these shoes using our WOOT discount, and had them shipped to my aunt’s in Minnesota so they’d be waiting for me when I arrived there in mid-July. Getting a new pair of running shoes is exciting, isn’t it? Once I smell that new shoe odor, I can’t wait to put them on and go for a run, which I did the following morning.

The Minimus Trail has a low profile Vibram sole. All the good things about Vibram FiveFingers with the benefit of having your toes kept together. Nothing to get between the toes of your shoes on trail!! Some of you may also have experienced problems with the toe shoes, specifically with the individual toe fit. If one of your toes is much longer than the others (like my second toe on both feet), the FiveFingers can be irritating as your longer toes rub and you either blister, or stop wearing them. Mine are in the closet. 

The NB WT10 comes in colors white or black, which is the color I bought. Black is great for the mud runs we all must eventually endure here on Okinawa. The inside is very smooth, so much so that you could run sockless. The weight is 7.1 oz. Yes, that is ounces. Unbelievably light. I wore these out on Paintball Plus and they did great on the slippery terrain and on the road. I also ran the Farm Roads and enjoyed most of the run. The larger rocks can hurt when you step on them as there is not much in place to protect the bottoms of your feet.

If you have heard of Anthon Krupicka, he is the spokesman for this new shoe and is a huge proponent of the minimal shoe. The slogan on the shoe is: <=> lss is mor. Kinda catchy! One important note, which I also mentioned in the Running FREE!! blog post: start slowly, please! 

New Balance attaches the following on the shoe:

Caution: This product increases the strain on the foot, calf, and Achilles tendon. Overuse of this product or use of activities outside of running and walking may increase the risk of sustaining injury.
This product should be introduced slowly into a running exercise routine. New Balance recommends limiting initial use to 10% of overall running workouts and very gradually increasing time and distance.”

When have you ever read a Caution statement on your running shoe?

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