Pure Beet Juice Might Get You Across The Finish Line Faster

Jannine Myers

Several weeks ago, a good friend of mine introduced me to an organic beet juice powder, made by the company Pure Clean Powder. I happily mixed the sample packet he gave me into a smoothie concoction that I created, assuming that I would be gaining some type of “super food” nutritional benefit. In a later conversation with my friend, he explained that the beet juice powder was being used by athletes to improve endurance ability. Intrigued by his comments, I went online to search the company’s website and see exactly what claims they are making about their product.


Here is an excerpt from their “Science” page:

Beet Juice works. It’s a performance booster like no other. And it’s all about the Natural Nitrates. Our Beet Juice Powder has been extensively tested, and the nitrates are pure and perfect, even more concentrated than in whole beets!…… Nitrates in beet juice have been shown to boost power output without changing oxygen consumption….. Nitrates effectively lower the oxygen cost of exercise.  Researchers have found that…. beet juice decreases blood pressure, which allows better blood flow as well as oxygen consumption. It also aids your muscles by reducing the amount of oxygen needed during exercise. So your heart doesn’t have to work as hard and muscles will have greater endurance and will recover faster.

I contacted the company and they sent me a generous supply of their single pack samples. I decided to put them to the test the very next morning and experiment with them over a period of two weeks. Here’s the details and results of my “mini” experiment:

  • Details – Every morning for a period of two weeks, I consumed one single pack of beet juice powder with approximately 8oz. water, about an hour before exercising. I ran most mornings for both weeks, and made sure to keep my distances and routes the same, and an “easy” pace for all runs. A few things to keep in mind: a) the recommended amount of beet juice powder may differ from person to person, and really requires a trial and error approach, b) the powder should ideally be consumed at least two hours prior to exercising, but the best I could do was an hour prior since I run so early, and c) drinking the powder with just water takes some getting used to (again, it’s up to each individual to try different dosages, as well as “ways” to drink the powder).
  • Results –  First of all, let me share with you what one of the company representatives wrote me, with regards to getting the maximum benefits: “You won’t really be in the optimum zone until you’ve been drinking it 4 or 5 days. You’ll feel a little more change each day as it builds up. Then after about 4 days you’ll stay at a really good level.” I guess I was expecting to feel great after several days of drinking the powder, but I honestly didn’t feel any different and there were actually a  few days where I felt like I struggled more than usual. In saying that however, we have had some extremely hot and humid days this summer, and so it’s possible that the “bad” days I experienced were really due to the heat elements. With the not-so-noticeable changes in how I felt physically, I was surprised to see at the end of the two weeks, that my total run distance in week two, was greater than that of week one by almost a mile and a half!

So does the beet juice work? I don’t know for sure, but I’d be willing to test it again some time, and maybe next time, during the days leading up to a race.

For more information about this product, or to order, visit http://purecleanpowder.com

Let us know how you get on if you decide to try this product,or if you have already tried it!


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