Destination Unmarked

All through the month of June, we have been running FOOT or family and friends on trail, runs. It has been great to have our spouses, our friends and new faces show up and join in the challenging fun of miles and miles of jungle trail. Along with this, we have runĀ the same trail, Spider plus Blurry Vision plus to the Reservoir and back. This has been partially selfish as I train for the Mt. Fuji half-marathon and need to run hilly, tough trail and what better way, then to invite all my favorite women and favorite fellas to join me.

Additionally, we are all getting to know the trail pretty well. This is selfish too, and the more WOOT’rs who know the trails, the better, as we all run different paces and distances and hopefully no one ever gets left behind.

So why not mark the trails? We have before, with a washable paint. After a few rains, it was all gone and we were okay with that. Part of why I love trails, is because it is still wild, and isn’t marked. Monday through Friday, I drive to work, taking the 58, stopping at red lights, going when they turn to green, and start my work day. On Saturday, I wake up early and drink a cuppa Joe. Then I go out and run to the trails. Destination is known but unmarked. Which way to turn, which way to go? It is not set in stone, it’s up to you to chose which way to go. Turn back and go home? Take a left and see what is down that path? Climb the hill and see what is on the horizon?

Trail includes adventure

Trail includes adventure

The plus side of getting lost is you get more miles and are out longer. At any point, you can turn aroundĀ and go back home. This means you will also need to pay a little attention to where you are. As long as you stay on trail, you won’t be lost too long anyway. For those challenged with directions, it is very good to have a cell phone. The downside is you may not be prepared to be out that long, or you may have to be somewhere off trail soon. Getting lost can be a little scary, but the scary things in life also make it exciting, don’t they? (Foreshadow that after June, the trail is going to change.)

Hope you all enjoyed June, month of Family and Friends on Okinawa Trails. Comment if you want more FOOT runs, or less in our future runs.

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