Come and run away with us…

Anna Boom

School has just started again and already many of us are feeling overwhelmed by our kids’ schedules.

Everyday, we (as moms of elementary school kids, most school work is “we” based) have to read a section together and do homework. There are the projects, practicing piano for recital, getting to swim and soccer practices, fitting in a sit down family dinner, keeping our house clean, doing our chores, and not stressing about falling behind in all the life stuff.

Anyone else feeling stressed?

Come and run away with us…

How you handle stress matters. We have choices: bury our heads into a gallon of ice cream, turn on a season of reality TV or pull the covers over our head and go back to bed (or all three!).

But best things we can choose instead:

a) relax with good friends and family. Many of us are removed from our families here and make our own with like-minded women. Love seeing the women who develop deep life friendships through running groups such as Stroller Warriors and WOOT and WOOP.

b) Meditating. Always a great choice to sit and breath.

c) Exercise! My favorite and if you run with us, most likely your’s too.

Running is one of the most effective exercises to quickly burn calories. It takes little to do, running bra and good shoes. Socks, running skirt or shorts and a tee, also a bonus. And determination.

by Alicia Bolan

by Alicia Bolan


With all that we do, all the things we are supposed to do for our families and for ourselves (have you stretched, exfoliated, styled your hair, organized your sock drawer, etc.), running gets it done quickest by de-stressing you and keeping you healthy and able to handle the all the life stuff.

So come and run away with us. Promise you’ll come back healthier, happier and sweatier.

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