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Ahh, fall is here. Our runs start later, we dress in layers and sometimes question getting out of bed on those rainy, chillier Saturday mornings. I know, I understand. But right now is the perfect time to try something, switch out of the old, come out on trail.

For new women trail runners, here are some tips on what, where and how.

WOOT runs trail. Good thing that is part of our name, eh? The terrain we cover ranges from:

What Where
Paved road Kadena and Futenma Habu trail
Farm road Yomitan farmer roads, Top o The World
Random paths Zakimi Castle ruins, Maeda point trail
True trail Yamada castle ruins, Spider loop, Nago Mt., Kunigami trail

On all of these, except for paved roads, there is uneven terrain. There are loose rocks, branches (both fallen and hanging), and roots. There is clay, what Okinawa is built on, coral rock covered in red clay. During the rainy times, the clay is slick. We often run through puddles and mud too (white sneaks don’t stay white for long!).

Spider can get muddy.

Spider can get muddy. Hey Kirsten!

If this is the first time you have run on uneven terrain, be prepared to go a bit slower. You will have to watch your footing and concentrate a little more on where your next foot fall will land. During and after your trail run, your feet, ankles, calves, and buns will need some time to adjust to this new challenge. Trail running takes you to a new level of challenge, mentally and physically.

Happy WOOT

Happy WOOT with Jannine leading the pack

There are plenty of resources backing this up. Just do a search for training and trail running to find the 1001 links. From my own experience, I have had my best races since running with WOOT. And more than that, I have had met my best training partners and friends. There is something that we share, a common bond: waking up early to run, maybe getting lost, finding a new path. It is something unique and quite odd 🙂

So how about the when? Every Saturday morning, as the sun rises, you will find WOOT’ers out climbing, running, laughing and challenging ourselves to a whole new plateau.

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