Benefits of altruism: Why to pay it forward

Paying it forward and doing good for your community, or those who may be in greater need than you at the moment. It is a great feeling, altruism. And there are benefits to you, too:

  • Doing good for others can have a powerful, positive effect on the immune system.
  • By contributing towards the greater good, self-worth and self-esteem improves.
  • It can prevent you from becoming isolated, encouraging you to meet new people and step outside of your comfort zones.
  • Positive energy flows from giving to others and studies have revealed that kindness helps relieve stress.

Being part of our WOOT group, we have been able to give back through some great events:

* 100 Miles of Trail challenge: through the heat of the Okinawa summer, we held this event during 2014. The challenge was to get 100 miles of trails between June 1 and August 31. There was a $30 fee and those that completed all 100 miles received a unique WOOT, 100 miles, car sticker. Those donations went to the Yomitan kids’ sports fund, which supports kids who aren’t able to afford the required sports uniforms, and to help pay for their sporting events. The mayor of Yomitan gave WOOT an official receipt and thank you and asked that we provide GPS coordinates for a trail run, so they can use it for future planning.

from city office

from city office

*UNICEF WOOT run: we held this run back in 2013 and asked for WOOT’rs to grab a partner and raise money to give to UNICEF. Teams came up with fun names, and stopped at 8 different locations around the hills behind Camp Lester. Some teams were close friends, some had new WOOT moms pushing their babies, and there were kids out as team members too. With a minimum donation of $20, the teams received a WOOT drink cup. The top team won a prize from wootcoaching, including a month of free coaching service. All donations went directly to UNICEF and we all had a great time!

woot unicef

* Running Boston for Wilson: you may not know Jaime Patterson, as their family had to relocate to the States last summer after her 1st grader, Wilson, was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of leukemia. She was a WOOTer during her Okinawa time and had so much fun on trail with us. We set up a donation location and ran Boston for Wilson, raising money to help offset some of the incredible medical costs.

* Baby girl clothes drive for the Patterson’s: Jaime spent much of their family time getting treatment, seeking new treatment and praying for good news. When we heard the good news of the pending arrival of a bundle of joy, WOOT asked for baby girl clothes donations to help her just a little bit. And now baby Willa is here and is such a cutie and Wilson is a great big brother!

willa and wilson

That we are able to help is a blessing. Thank you all!!

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