Review Of The Buddy Pouch

Jannine Myers

Several weeks ago one of my former clients asked me about the possibility of reviewing a product that she had seen at a race expo, a product called the Buddy Pouch. My first thought, when I saw pictures of it, was that it was similar to the various types of running belts that are sold with zip-up pouches, and since I am not a fan of running belts I wasn’t impressed. Upon closer inspection however, I realized that the pouch had no belt attached, and so I agreed to test the product and write up a review on it.

I contacted the company that sells the Buddy Pouches – – and they generously agreed to send me their medium size pouch to test and review (thank you Katey Warren). Below is a summary of the pouch specifications, and my thoughts after running with it:

  • Dimensions: 6” L x 4” W
  • Water-resistant inner pocket
  • Made with dri-fit material; keeps everything dry and sweat-free
  • Made to fit most popular phones, including the iPhone 6™ and Samsung Galaxy S V™
  • Available in Black, Black/Yellow, and Black/Pink

The Buddy Pouch has a back flap, which slides down the backside of your waistband, while the pouch sits on the front side and secures itself with powerful magnets that are built into the material. Since it has no belt or band, it should, in theory, not bounce.


The morning I ran with my pouch, I decided to load it up with my phone (yes, that is an old-school flip phone you see; I’ll upgrade one day………), two Hammer gels, my ID card, and my house key.


The pouch, stocked with several items, felt a little heavy and bulky at first, and my immediate assumption was that even if it didn’t bounce it would still feel uncomfortable. To be honest, it did feel uncomfortable when I first started running, but that was because I realized that the magnets were not aligned on one side of the pouch. Once I readjusted the pouch so that all the magnets were aligned, it felt much more secure – though still not entirely comfortable.

I started my run downhill and although there was no bouncing, I was initially bothered by the bulky feeling – that is, until I settled into a steady pace and actually forgot that I was wearing it at all. A couple of miles into my run, I reached a hill and proceeded to do a series of hill repeats, all the while still unbothered by the pouch sitting on my waistband.

After completing my hill repeats I made my way back home, and ironically, my cellphone started ringing. I never take my phone with me on runs (since I have no way of carrying it), and even though I only took it with me that morning for the sole purpose of testing my new Buddy Pouch, I did not anticipate anyone calling me at 7am in the morning. As it turned out, the call was relatively urgent, so my Buddy Pouch earned itself a bonus rating point!

All in all, I’d say the Buddy Pouch is a reasonable product that would suit runners who don’t want to carry their items in a belt bag, but who would prefer a storage option that’s larger than clothing and other accessory-type pockets. The Buddy Pouch is also very versatile, in that it can be adapted to other non-running functions and activities (cycling, walking, gardening, shopping, traveling, etc.), and it comes in two other sizes. Compared to other similar products, the price is competitive and shipping to Stateside addresses is fast and free.

Check out all of the Running Buddy’s products here, and leave a comment if you already own a Buddy Pouch.

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