20-Minute Ab Challenge

Jannine Myers

Here’s a 20-minute ab challenge for you ladies. Why? Three reasons:

1. I took this challenge in another Facebook group I belong to, and since I know WOOT members are always up for a challenge, I figured you’d enjoy this too. The original workout is a little longer and slightly harder, but you should still feel a good burn with this modified version.

2. I have a couple of give-aways for the first two ladies who successfully complete this challenge and post a comment below. 


A WOOT tumbler and WOOT headband

This is the last WOOT tumbler and headband I have left, so if you want them you know what to do!

A Hammer drink flask and sample Hammer products

A Hammer drink flask and sample Hammer products

This may sound like a shameless plug to get you to try Hammer products, but if you haven’t yet tried them, they really are a great product for endurance athletes. You can read more about Hammer Nutrition here.

3. Abdominal strength contributes to a strong core, enabling us to resist fatigue and run longer with good form, hence the overall result is improved performance. And be honest, how often do you devote time to abdominal/overall strength training? It should warrant some of your time and attention each week.

This challenge should take you just 20 minutes; it’s one set of 4 exercises, and each set is done 4 times. Each exercise is demonstrated below, and if you are careful not to race through the exercises, you’ll find that each set should take you approximately 5 minutes and that’s including a short 30 to 60 second rest at the end of each set.

Are you ready? You’ll need a light set of weights, a swiss ball, and something steady to hold on to (I used a chair and had my 11 year old daughter sit in it to weight it down).

Do the exercises in the following order:

1. Plank Side Rotation – 10 each side


2. Swiss Ball Leg Raises – x 10


3.  Swiss Ball Knees to Chest x 10


4. One leg weighted lower ab crunch x 15

Now go again, 3 more times!

4 thoughts on “20-Minute Ab Challenge

    • Awesome Heather! Glad you liked it and congratulations on completing it, AND winning the tumbeler/headband set 🙂

    • Glad you like them Midori! If you complete the workout today and comment again, you’ll be the winner of the Hammer Nutrition gift set 🙂

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