Celebrate your Tribe!

Anna Boom

Corinne and I were chatting on our run the other day (okay, really she was chatting and I was trying to catch my breath) about how our group is a great place to meet other women who respect each others strengths, rather than tear each other down to make ourselves feel better. If you’ve ever been the on the other end of gossip, you’ll know what I mean.

But back to respecting each others strengths–WOOT has fast runners, great hill climbers, speedy trail blazers, the best cheer squad, women who just need to run without a stroller at least 1 morning a week!, women looking to become better runners, women looking for a group to hold them accountable, and all of us, really just looking to connect and have some fun outside.

We all have strengths that together make us an amazing team.

Scrolling through our WOOT Wall, I came across a picture that I adore. It says it all, celebrate Our Tribe.

The Tribe of Women Trail Runners

The Tribe of Women Trail Runners

Thanks, Molly for the pic. (she’s a talented photographer, too)

As a few of us take off for the race we’ve trained all summer for, Five Mountains Shinetsu 110 Km, and many of continue to train for the Suck It Up Princess Adventure relay, the Kunigami trail race in December, and the Great Wall half/marathon in May, remember this:

our tribe

Keep coming out with us to celebrate our strengths, and party on trail with your Tribe. Yes, I am talking to YOU 🙂

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