Lots of Reasons To Try Molokhia Noodles

Jannine Myers

I had lunch yesterday at Green Leaf Cafe in Yomitan, and I ordered one of my favorite meals on their menu: the Molokhia Cold Noodle Salad. If you’ve never tried molokhia noodles before (or any recipe that contains molokhia leaves), here’s a very brief post for you:

Molokhia is a dark, green leaf with a slightly bitter taste. Mostly consumed in Egypt, the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern region, Africa, and also in Japan, molokhia is used in a variety of ways; it’s used to make soups, curries, salads, spices, and as the title indicates, even noodles. With more than 30 vitamins and minerals found in molokhia, it’s health benefits are significant; check out the chart below:


If you’d like to try molokhia noodles, you can buy them in small packages at Green Leaf’s store. Or, you can just do what I do and visit the cafe instead where you can order their amazing molokhia noodle salad.

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