Don’t Be A Victim Of Facebook Envy

Jannine Myers

I spoke with a fellow WOOT member last week, and we both talked about our current training routines and how they don’t really reflect any impressive goals or achievements. That got me to thinking about “Facebook envy,” and how easy it is to look at other peoples’ training updates and consequently feel less adequate because you’re not out there doing what they are. If you’re someone who suffers from Facebook envy, I want to encourage you to stop; stop comparing your training – or lack thereof – with your fellow peers.

For me personally, my training is very “casual” at present; no fixed week-to-week workouts planned but more of a “play-it-by-ear” type approach. I’m getting ready to move soon and my focus is less on training and more on spending quality time with close friends and preparing for the move. I’m also not much of a summer-time runner – so running less through the summer months suits me just fine – however the main reason I’m able to feel fairly relaxed about not keeping up with my motivated running friends is because a) I accept that their goals are not my goals, and b) I make sure that despite my reduced mileage, I still maintain a certain degree of fitness.

Don’t allow yourself to be a victim of Facebook envy; remind yourself that you’re on your own training journey. Even if you admire what others are currently doing and wish you were doing the same, get your focus back on you! Ask yourself what you can do to maximize your time and potential given the circumstances that you’re currently in, and then commit to doing exactly that!


Enjoying trail runs whenever I can and looking forward to my next season of training…..and, choosing not to feel bad because others are enjoying that season right now.

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