Chasing The Shadow Of My Future Self

Jannine Myers

A friend shared with me a video clip which cleverly portrays a runner as two identical persons running at the same time, with one of the runners always slightly behind the other. The catch phrase at the end of the video says, “And so it goes on and on, chasing the person you want to become.”

Watching the video made me think about my own runs and how I often run the same paths and routes, alone with my thoughts, and every once in a while catching a glimpse of my shadow ahead of me.

My shadow, I realized, can potentially be a glimpse of the “me” I hope to become; a shadow of myself that’s wrapped up in all of my hopes and dreams. I can metaphorically choose the path my shadow will take, by setting for myself specific goals that can progressively be moved towards with each running step I take.

I challenge us all to make 2018 the year that we each chase after our future desired self!