This is a blog that was initially created with female trail runners in mind, but many of the post topics may appeal to various other interest groups, including pavement runners (both males and females), fitness and nutrition enthusiasts, and mothers of active kids.

About me: I am an avid trail and road runner, running and nutrition coach, Hammer Nutrition sponsored athlete, freelance blogger/writer, and mother of two. I’m also a kiwi who has been living in Japan since 2000, and one of the very first members of WOOT (Women Out On Trails, formerly known as Women On Okinawa Trails).

Please send any comments/queries to Jannine Myers @ myersnz1@yahoo.com. You can also follow me on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/womenstrailrunning, and also at https://wholelifechallenge.com





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