Hammer Nutrition

Why Hammer?

As a runner who has suffered in the past from running-related intestinal distress, I am so grateful that I discovered the line of products developed by Hammer Nutrition. All of their products are made with high-quality ingredients (no nasty refined sugars or chemicals), and all have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they really do work.

I have been consistently using Hammer Nutrition products for almost a year now and I swear by them. Not only do they adequately meet my nutrition needs during training and races, but they are also very gentle on my stomach and allow me to reach optimal levels of performance without having to stop abruptly for an urgent bathroom call (I know I’m not the only one who has experienced this….).

For a complete line-up of sports-nutrition products that are void of “junk” ingredients, and help you to train and race at your best, I highly recommend Hammer Nutrition.

“Whether your workouts or races last an hour or two, or a week or two, Hammer Nutrition has the fuels that your body craves. You can completely and perfectly fulfill your pre–, during–, and post–workout requirements from our line of fuels.” – Steve Born, Hammer Nutrition.


Hammer Products I Currently Use

HAMMER GEL – I use these either immediately before a training run or race, and sometimes during long runs (although they are not my preferred source of energy on longer runs).

SUSTAINED ENERGY – This is so far my favorite choice for marathon fueling. This product comes in a few flavors but I prefer the unflavored option as it seems to work best for my sensitive stomach.

ENDUROLYTES FIZZ – These are a “must” during the summer months in Okinawa. They help to replenish my electrolyte stores, which are quickly depleted during longer or more intense runs. You can buy them in capsule form too, but I prefer the dissolve-able tablets.

HEED – This is a great product to use when you know you’re going to be running for more than an hour, but less than 2 hours. I use this product in the hot summer months especially, and also during half marathons.

RECOVERITE – This product is mandatory for me after every long run and after every race; I am convinced that my recovery times are much faster when I use Recoverite.

VEGAN RECOVERY BARS – My absolute favorite Hammer product! I buy these for recovery purposes, but I sometimes eat these as treats – they are so good.

Seriously, try some of these products for yourself – I really think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. And as an incentive for first-time buyers, feel free to use the link below and get 15% off your first order.

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For more specific details on how Hammer products have helped to completely and perfectly meet all of my training and race nutrition needs, read some of my Hammer Product reviews here.

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