PuraVida – The Simple Life, Made Better With Jewellery You’ll Love

Jannine Myers

Are you all about “enjoying life’s little pleasures, slowing things down, and living life to the fullest?” I definitely am! So when I saw this motto on a now-favourite jewellery website, I wanted to know more. PuraVida is the name of the company, and their story is just beautiful!

Conceived from a desire to help struggling Costa Rican artisans provide for themselves, families, and communities, PuraVida was the brainchild of two Southern Californian boys, Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman (you can read the full story here). What started initially as a small start-up business with modest goals and intentions, has now turned into a worldwide movement that not only supports the work of Costa Rican artisans, but also that of artisans in El Salvador and India.

The charity efforts don’t end there either; the work of these artisans is simple yet so unique – with super cool “boho” designs – and in such huge demand, that sales yield enough of a return to give back to multiple charities!

Why do I care, and why am I sharing about them?

A. Because I genuinely love their jewellery!

B. Because I love supporting anyone who is passionate about what they do!

C. Because I also love to get behind any individual or business that has as it’s underlying goal to serve the good of the greater community!

D. And because, truth be told, I’m “repping” for them, but A, B, and C are100% true!!! If you know me you’ll know I wouldn’t ‘rep’ for anyone whose values or products I didn’t believe in.

Go check out the amazing craftwork of these skilled artisans, and if you feel inclined to treat yourself (or someone you know), to any of their gorgeous pieces, feel free to use my rep code JANNIINEMYERS20 to take advantage of 20% off, anytime, every time!