WOOT’s "Under $50" Christmas Gift Guide

Jannine Myers

Can you believe it’s that time again already! Seems like just a few months ago that I posted last year’s Christmas Gift Guide. I’m sure most of you have probably already done your Christmas shopping, but you never know – you might just see something in this guide that’s worth adding to your Christmas list. And, to make it a little more tempting and easier on the bank account, I’ve deliberately kept the items in this year’s list in the strictly “under $50” price range. So let’s not waste any more time, let’s go shopping!

1. Petzl Tikkina 2 Headlamp – from Roadrunnersports $19.95

Many of you are now running in the dark hours of the morning or the evening, and if you’re like me and live in an area where some of the streets are not well lit, a headlamp is probably a good buy for you. I’ve fallen in the dark a couple of times, but I’ve never wanted to spend money on a headlamp – these Petzl headlamps are very affordable however and actually kind of cute.

2. Yankz Sure Lace System – from Runningwarehouse $6.95 (various colors)


Have you ever owned a pair of running shoes with laces that kept untying, even after you had double-tied them? I have! My Saucony shoes above! The Yankz Sure Lace System not only fixed this problem, but made it so much more convenient to slip my shoes on and off – I love them!

3. Pregnancy Running Belt – from Amazon $27.39

This is obviously for the pregnant moms out there, and it comes highly recommended from one of our own WOOT moms who is currently carrying her third child. Those of you who know Michelle Van Someren know that she is an amazing athlete who has managed to stay incredibly lean and fit through all of her pregnancies. Michelle suffers from lower back pain, specifically SI (sacroiliac joint pain), and she attributes her ability to keep running during her pregnancies to the excellent support of her pregnancy running belt. I wish I had known about these when I was pregnant with both my girls!

4. a) All Natural Energy Gels (Vegan and Gluten-free) – from IslandBoost $8 to $25

Looking for a gel that’s not filled with artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives? Reviews of this product are promising for those of you with sensitive stomachs, and because it’s more of a liquid than gel-like consistency, you don’t need to chase it down with lots of water. Users of this product also feel that it hits the bloodstream a lot quicker than the thicker gels – some say they feel the effects in less than 10 minutes. This is probably going to go on my shopping list.

4. b) Glass Water Bottles – from BottlesUp $29.95

If you’re into clean eating, you might also be into clean drinking – BottlesUp Glass is a company that’s proud to sell water bottles that are made from 75% recycled glass. The bottles are free of known toxins and are a great option for those of you concerned about preserving our environment. Also, BottlesUp Glass donates 5% of the purchase of all pink bottles to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®.

5.  a) Asics Arm Warmers – from Amazon, a steal at only $7 a pair!

I know we’ve done arm sleeves before but these are just such a great deal that I had to throw them in – they also come in red, royal blue, and white.

5. b) Smartwool Arm Warmers – from Smartwool $25

For a really warm and comfortable (but more expensive) pair of arm sleeves, check these ones out at Smartwool.com.

6. SPiBelt – from Adorama $19.95

For those long runs where you need to carry extra items, the SPIBelt might be just what you need. It can expand to hold any smart phone, keys, credit cards, and even a passport. And if you’re willing to pay a few extra dollars, you can buy the SPIBelt with gel loops (these cost $21.99, or $26.99 for the water repellent ones, and both can hold up to 5 or 6 energy gels).

7. a) Heatpacks – from Heatpacks.ca between $8 and $25

For tired and sore muscles, these heat packs might help to speed up recovery. Here’s what the manufacturer claims: “By applying Therapeutic Heat to an area of pain or stiffness an individual will experience increased blood flow throughout the tissue. This increases the blood flow while delivering oxygen and nutrients to the injured or sore muscle areas.”

7. b) Vila Acupressure Mat – from Vilanow $40

Okay, this one really caught my attention! An acupressure mat that can potentially release muscle tension, relieve back and neck stiffness, and help you to relax and recharge – I’m sold! For first-time users, it’s recommended that you start by wearing a tshirt and placing a thin towel over the mat, and then slowly graduate to bare skin and no towel. Start with just a few minutes, and lengthen the time as your body becomes more tolerant of the feeling.

8.  a) Asics Women’s Compression Long Sleeve Shirt – from Amazon $30.64

Why a compression top, you ask? For some endurance runners, muscle pain is not limited to just the legs; it’s often felt in the shoulders and upper back as well. Compression shirts supposedly help to reduce muscle fatigue, as well as assist in preventing injury by drawing moisture away and keeping the body warmer than the atmosphere’s temperature.

8. b) Adidas Gal L Ti W 3/4 tights – from Adidas $24

While you’re at it, you may as well get some tights to go with that compression top, and at the sale price of $24, you can’t complain.

9. a) Functional Activewear – coverup skirts from MeSheeky; sale prices $29 to $45

Stevie Skirt – $32

Odette Skirt – $32


How fun are these! MeSheeky has just a handful of items to choose from, but I love what they do have available and I love their concept. Whether you need a skirt to throw on over your capris after a race, or you want to hang out in your comfy workout gear while running a few errands, then MeSheeky probably has what you’re looking for.

10. As always, last but not least, a little something from WOOT:

WOOT Running Journal – comes in folder so you can take it with you wherever you go and keep it from getting torn and dirty. Just $12, and we’ll throw in one of our new car stickers for free.

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There you have it ladies – happy shopping!